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Olli Ella Holdie Folk Dinosaur Set

Olli Ella Holdie Folk Dinosaur Set

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Better than a trip to the museum! Say hello to Holdie Folk Dinosaurs. Little explorers and time travellers alike come face-to-face with a trio of fantastic beasts that once roamed the earth. Back from extinction and ready to play in the magical Holdie World, these prehistoric pals are handmade using a soft wool blend – plus (unlike regular dinosaurs) little enough to fit in pockets and stash in backpacks.   

Find shy Stegosaurus nibbling ferns, befriend the frilly Triceratops stomping in the swamp or hatch a Brontosaurus out of the Egg Basket… with a sprinkle of imagination, the adventures are endless.    

The Holdie Folk Dinosaurs come as a set in a lovely gift box to surprise and share with your little ones.  

Set of 3.
They are 12 x 18cm each.
Each Holdie Folk Dinosaur can stand on its own feet.
Holdie Folk Dinosaurs are all handmade using a soft wool blend.
Holdie Folk Dinosaurs come in a recycled box free from plastic packaging.
recommended for ages 3+ 

Surface clean only with a cool, damp cloth.
Do not bleach.

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Olli Ella was born in 2009 In London, England. Sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman set out to create a collection of nursery furniture and baby bedding that was playful, iconic, and above all, beautifully made. Olli Ella make homewares, apparel, children's products, toys and baskets. Makers of the Luggy Basket, Olli Ella use natural materials, with a focus on ethical, sustainably sourced and fair trade design-led products produced around the world.