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One Two Tree Treasure Board - Rainy Cloud

One Two Tree Treasure Board - Rainy Cloud

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Display your favourite toys, trinkets and collections on One Two Trees' iconic My Treasure Board, Rainy Cloud.

Beautifully cut in the shape of a floating cloud, it has three separate shelf inserts that cleverly lock together with four raindrop hooks.

It is 47.5cm (not including rain drops) x 77cm wide. The shelves are 6cm wide.

Arrives flat packed, all assembly hardware included.

Shipping within New Zealand only. Extra shipping cost applies on this product. This product does not qualify for our free shipping order due to its bulk and weight.

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It was a big year. They had a new home, a new baby, and were super excited about their first family Christmas. Even though a baby put a strain on their finances, they knew that buying well-crafted, beautifully designed furniture was cheaper in the long run – and their Christmas tree wasn’t going to be an exception. But add environmentally friendly onto the checklist, and there were on a one way trip down struggle street.

Everywhere they looked they saw cheap, throwaway trees that wouldn’t last through the festive season, let alone a lifetime. The other option was a plantation tree, but the idea of chopping down a tree for short-term decoration just didn’t appeal.

Then they asked themselves; why are we trying to buy our perfect tree? We’re both creative, hands on and pretty nifty with a power tool, let's try and make one ourselves. They assembled their first tree using hardwood leftover from one of their landscaping contracts. Over the next few weeks they tweaked the design and incorporated sustainable wood. As they sat admiring the finished product, they realised they had created something unique: an eco-friendly, stylish alternative to the traditional Christmas tree that would last for years to come. And so One Two Tree was born.