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Ourlieu Cushion - Evermore Black

Ourlieu Cushion - Evermore Black - Tea Pea

Ourlieu Cushion - Evermore Black

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Evermore black cushion featuring the same hand painted leaf pattern on one side and plain black fabric on the reverse.

With black crochet side panels.

Made from cotton linen, this cushion has a luxurious feather inner and a zip closure.

The size is 50 x 50cm.

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Ourlieu (our-lee-oo) derives its name from the marriage of the English 'Our' and French 'lieu' meaning 'Place or Space'. Australian owned, Ourlieu begun in 2010 with the aim of creating beautiful, stylish homewares for any place or space. Ourlieu seeks always to bring high quality and beauty to your own place or space, without compromising quality of life or the beauty of the space we all share. Ourlieu believes in the importance of the beauty in place, from the lovely abodes we create around ourselves, to the wide open places of the world in which we live. Part of the Ourlieu approach to design is about minimising the materials we use and obtaining what we need to use from only environmentally responsible sources.