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OYOY Living Design Darling Cushion - Baby Felix Rabbit

OYOY Living Design Darling Cushion - Baby Felix Rabbit

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With its cute and playful look, the Baby Felix Rabbit is the perfect accessory to every child's room. The Baby Felix Rabbit is made of 100% cotton, jacquard knit, and has a soft fibre filling which makes it very comfortable to cuddle. It is also possible to take the clothes off.

100% cotton outer with 100% polyester filling
He is 2ch tall.

The Danish company OYOY Living Design was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. The name is inspired by the OY letters, which since 1929 have been the signature on all Danish airplanes. Regardless of where in the world the planes may be located, the sense of belonging to Denmark is significant. OYOY Living Design they are also proud of their roots and the letters OY are to indicate their Danish heritage. Shape, graphic, colour and natural materials inspire her and underline her motto: 'Less is More'. Influenced by traditional Scandinavian design, the products in the design line Oyoy are redesigns of her childhood memories with subtle twists of Japan. Based on these memories, unique products are created focusing on form and shape meeting functionality.