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Oyoy Denmark Mini Hook - Rabbit

Oyoy Denmark Mini Hook - Rabbit

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The Mini Rabbit Hook is not only of practical use, but it is also a very fun and decorating item. The Mini Rabbit Hook can be used individually or be combined with other cute hooks such as the Mini Bear Hook.

100% beech.
For cleaning it is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth.

It is 4.5cm w x 6cm d x 8cm h.

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The Danish company Oyoy was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. Shape, graphic, colour and natural materials inspire her and underline her motto: "Less is More”. Influenced by traditional Scandinavian design, the products in the design line Oyoy are redesigns of her childhood memories with subtle twists of Japan. Based on these memories, unique products are created focusing on form and shape meeting functionality.