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Petal Power - 12 Plants with Personality to Grow for Garden & Vase

Petal Power - 12 Plants with Personality to Grow for Garden & Vase

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A book to inspire starting a garden to feed your soul – indoors and out.

Petal Power is written in reflection of Julia Atkinson-Dunn’s own adventure as a beginner gardener, sharing a fun selection of flowering plants that can be grown in her homeland of New Zealand. It’s the friendly volume she wished she could have got her hands on while still sussing out her perennials from her annuals. In addition to 12 plant profiles tested and photographed in her own garden, the book helpfully demystifies garden lingo and offers ideas for homegrown seasonal arrangements. The result is an invaluable guide, encouraging new gardeners to experiment further with confidence.

Written with a casual, relatable tone, Petal Power provides a friendly partner in your flower gardening experience, effectively demonstrating the benefits of reconnecting with the seasons regardless of the size of your space.

‘Patience is enforced by Mother Nature, the instant gratification of our modern lives blown out the window. There are no negatives, only a gentle opening of the eyes to find nature again, all on your own terms. Have a go!’

260 x 200mm
192 pages
Paperback with specialist thick ‘linen’ texture stock, gatefold and embossed title.

ISBN13 9780473559342