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Raw Straws

Raw Straws

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Straw the Line NZ brings you the Raw Straw, New Zealand’s first eco-friendly rice straw product. Whilst it takes 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose, Raw Straws decompose entirely within 100 days.

100% natural, 100% bio-degradable and if it ends up in the ocean it won’t harm marine life. Raw Straws are made from rice flour and tapioca starch and are edible.

Raw Straws won’t go soggy or disintegrate within minutes, lasting for up to an hour or longer in your cold drink and you can mix and match the colours of your drinks to straws. Use your same straw for several drinks. 

100% made from natural ingredients - No additives, preservatives or artificial colours.
100% Biodegradable - Biodegrading in 90-100 days.
Gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Pack of 25 straws.

Edible... yes edible.
Home compostable.

Suitable for ages 3 and above.

Perfect for any occasion - parties, weddings, kids birthdays, themed events, or just to have at home in the pantry. Suitable for drinks, smoothies and cocktails.

As these are made from all-natural ingredients the size, shape and colouring may differ slightly from straw to straw.

Straw the Line NZ was created by Camilla and Charlotte, two Mum's trying to reduce the plastic waste in New Zealand and to promote Straw the Line in the hope of saving the planet one slurp at a time. They are incredibly excited to bring their very unique Raw Straw to New Zealand for the first time and their long-term goal is to help reduce waste with a 100% natural alternative. They want to partner with environmentally conscious people and businesses who want to show comradery with their environmentally conscious customers.