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Real World NZ Baby Body Wash & Natural Baby Silk Sponge - Chamomile

Real World NZ Baby Body Wash & Natural Baby Silk Sponge - Chamomile

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This carefully formulated natural baby body wash will gently freshen babies skin without being harsh. Containing only plant based ingredients it is safe to use on babies daily. Chamomile essential oil is used to soothe and relax babies.

Each body wash comes with a beautiful Silk Sponge from Greece, attached by a black piece of ribbon. These Silk Sponges make the whole bathing experience for baby and mother just beautiful. They are the perfect answer to soft, gentle applications of our body wash. These are the softest, densest and have the finest pores. Soft when wet, rinse clean and set out to dry between use.

Chamomile tea* cocobetaine, cococlucoside, chamomile hydrosol, coconut oil, lactic acid, bush honey, glycerin*, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, xantham gum, potassium sorbate.
* organic ingredient.


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The creators of Real World are great friends of ours from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. We have been using their products for a while and can vouch for their quality. Real World wanted to create a natural range of products specifically for your hands that contained no harsh chemicals as they were sure that was what was drying our hands out. Their range of hand care items is handcrafted in small batches to maintain only the highest quality product. None of their products contain sulphates, silicons, parabens, toxins, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or colours. They do not test on animals and they are committed to creating hand products that not only smell beautiful but that hold long-lasting benefits for you inside and out. Take care of your hands today and see the benefits tomorrow.