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Real World Sanitiser Spray - Garden Mint

Real World Sanitiser Spray - Garden Mint - Tea Pea Home

Real World Sanitiser Spray - Garden Mint

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Real World's Garden Mint Sanitising Spray for your home or business surfaces and objects. Formulated to meet WHO formulation local manufacturing guidelines to keep you and your surfaces and objects safe.

500ml Trigger PET

80% Ethanol Alcohol, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance Oil and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Spray onto surfaces and objects.

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The creators of Real World are great friends of ours from Hawkes Bay. We have been using their products for a while and can vouch for their quality. Real World wanted to create a natural range of products specifically for your hands that contained no harsh chemicals, as they were sure that was what was drying our hands out. Their range of hand care items is handcrafted in small batches to maintain only the highest quality. None of their products contain sulphates, silicons, parabens, toxins, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or colours. They do not test on animals and they are committed to creating hand products that not only smell beautiful but that hold long-lasting benefits for you inside and out. Take care of your hands today and see the benefits tomorrow.