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Saben Feature Strap - Chain Gold & Black

Saben Feature Strap - Chain Gold & Black

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Bling up your bag with this chain and leather strap. Composed of chain links and an adjustable leather shoulder portion. This strap will add a little 90's glam rock to your wardrobe.

Black leather
Light gold chain
Gold-plated hardware.

Adjustable and can be extended from 96 to 125cm.

*Please note that this is only the strap, the bag is sold separately.

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Saben is a carefully edited collection of coveted handbags and accessories designed in New Zealand by artist, wife, mother, businesswoman and designer Roanne Jacobson. Designed by women, for women, Roanne and has a deep understanding of the value of a handbags function, ultimately holding the chaos and order of our customer's life in one centralised and stylish place. Roanne is known for her individual sense of style, original interpretation of trends, and each season the collection will celebrate a narrative that is playful in concept, whilst each individual piece is serious in the execution. Every element and detail in Saben designs is deliberate and created with intent. Beautifully textured leathers coupled with intuitively functional design makes for pieces that are quintessential to easing the demands of every woman's lifestyle.