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Sack Me! Starlight Express Wall Stickers

Sack Me! Starlight Express Wall Stickers

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The wall stickers are a quick and affordable way to add fun and character to any space without the hassle of painting. The product offers a gorgeous painted look without permanency. The wall stickers are easy to remove and will not damage your wall. Durable and waterproof, it will last for many years.

This product comes in a pack of 48 stickers in assorted sizes.

Wall stickers are not recommended for re-use and can tear if pulled hard.

Based in Melbourne, Li Ann Scott and Samantha Tio created Pack Me! in 2013. As a graduate architect, Li Ann ventured into commercial architecture and interiors before putting her career on hold to cope with the demands of being a new mum to identical twin boys. As wonderful as being a full time mum is, her need for a creative outlet gave rise to a graphic design business that grew along with her boys. In August 2013, when the time came for her little men to migrate from their cribs to beds, she went on a quest for the perfect bedding which suited their bedroom and the style of their home. Sack Me! are committed to delivering products that are of the highest quality; manufactured ethically in controlled production so they are made with love and care.