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Sage & Clare Enamel Tumbler - San Diego Turquoise

Sage & Clare Enamel Tumbler - San Diego Turquoise

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Hand painted enamel tumbler in colour blocked pewter and turquoise.

Artisanal techniques are never far from mind at Sage & Clare and their blush San Diego Enamel Tumbler is no exception. Hand painted in India, this tumbler is perfect in its imperfections - the nuances of a handmade product giving it a magical quality.

The tumblers are placed upside down on a revolving surface and are painted by hand using a brush whilst they spin to achieve their smoothness and even application of paint.

Use as a drinking cup or cute bud vase, this tumbler is multifunctional and versatile. Group together with the other tumblers in the range for an inspiring colour palette.

It is 8 x 12cm and made from stainless steel.

Both shopaholics and globe trekkers, it’s easy to see how a fateful Christmas in India captivated their hearts. Taken in by the energetic streets, riotous colours and artisanal products, Sage and Clare was borne. Australian couple, Chris and Phoebe had always been passionate about colour, texture and the sense that some objects have real heart. This became the crux of Sage and Clare and they started offering fellow interior lovers a place where they could find global treasures that are handmade, bohemian, soulful and eclectic. Serious about ethical practices, Phoebe and Chris spend months of every year overseas working side-by-side with weavers, block printers, and screen printers to bring Sage and Clare designs to life.