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Savon Stories UK Organic Argan Oil - Bergamot & Lavender

Savon Stories UK Organic Argan Oil - Bergamot & Lavender

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For face, body & hair and with a hint of bergamot & Kashmir lavender.

Hand-harvested in the region of their old family farm, argan oil is produced from the kernels of the ancient and protected argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. The oil is especially renowned for its rapid absorbency, leaving no greasy residue.

Whilst the pure oil is usually heavily diluted or strongly filtered to remove its deep, earthy aroma, ours is left raw & unfiltered to retain all of its exceptional skin protecting antioxidants and regenerative carotenes & micronutrients. Maximal effectiveness in minimal use.

Enriched with a hint of organic essential oils: fragrant Sicilian bergamot and Kashmir lavender, grown several thousand feet on the high altitude Himalayan slopes with exceptional properties.

100% organic
Cold pressed
Highly moisturising
Absorbs rapidly.

Handmade in England.


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Savon Stories is a small team of family and helpful friends from Surrey, England.

Moute is the founder of Savon Stories and formulator of the recipes. Inspired by her grandfather’s storytelling, she took a History degree and learned to pay attention to detail and always trace things to their source. Moute suffers from a form of eczema that strikes suddenly and severely, sometimes causing complete hair loss. If you’ve got sensitive skin, rest assured you’re in good hands with her recipes. But, she believes, healthy skincare is only complete together with healthy eating, mood and character.

Ray, her husband, is co-founder and company director. He met Moute whilst also studying history at University. Raised in rugged and rural West Africa, he acquired an early appreciation for ancient traditions. After working as a historical researcher for television, he took his learning to clothe Moute's craft into a business - a homage to her inspiring grandfather and a heritage they hope to pass on to their future generations.