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Savon Stories UK Organic Hand & Body Wash - Mandarin & Geranium

Savon Stories UK Organic Hand & Body Wash - Mandarin & Geranium - Tea Pea

Savon Stories UK Organic Hand & Body Wash - Mandarin & Geranium

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Raw, uncooked & cured, this unique wash was "cold" processed to retain the nutrients of its oil based recipe, giving a nourishing and moisturising feel, well after washing. With a deliciously mouth-watering aroma, dedicated to purify, refresh & energise. 

Traditional soap is made by cooking a mixture of fat (i.e. oils) with water distilled in plant ashes. The heat is efficient but also kills energy and the moisturising nutrition of the oils inside. We found a way to blend the oils without the need for heat. The mixture is instead cured in a barrel in a cool basement for several weeks - a slow, but unique cold-process that makes this the only wash of its kind in the world.

99% organic / 100% natural
Highly moisturising

Handmade in England.

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Savon Stories is a small team of family and helpful friends from Surrey, England.

Moute is the founder of Savon Stories and formulator of the recipes. Inspired by her grandfather’s storytelling, she took a History degree and learned to pay attention to detail and always trace things to their source. Moute suffers from a form of eczema that strikes suddenly and severely, sometimes causing complete hair loss. If you’ve got sensitive skin, rest assured you’re in good hands with her recipes. But, she believes, healthy skincare is only complete together with healthy eating, mood and character.

Ray, her husband, is co-founder and company director. He met Moute whilst also studying history at University. Raised in rugged and rural West Africa, he acquired an early appreciation for ancient traditions. After working as a historical researcher for television, he took his learning to clothe Moute's craft into a business - a homage to her inspiring grandfather and a heritage they hope to pass on to their future generations.