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Serax UK Stoneware Flower Pot - Small

Serax UK Stoneware Flower Pot - Small

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Textured and rustic stoneware flower pots in an amazing range of colours. Mix and match colours and sizes to bring any space to life... even without the plants.

They are 13cm wide (at the top) x 11cm high and come with little rubber pads so they don't scratch your table.

We have these in a range of colours. Please select from the pulldown menu.

In 1986, brothers Axel and Serge Van den Bossche decided to take over their mother’s business under the name of Serax. What started with a series of flower pots soon grew into an extensive range of decorative articles. In the early nineties the management team was strengthened with the arrival of Frank Lambert and the business moved to Kontich. Serax formed the basis of a significant (r)evolution in the floristry sector. Designs created by Belgian and international designers emerged and changed this sector forever.