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Six Barrel Soda Co. Syrup - Lemon Honey Ginger

Six Barrel Soda Co. Syrup - Lemon Honey Ginger - Tea Pea

Six Barrel Soda Co. Syrup - Lemon Honey Ginger

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For Six Barrel Soda's Lemon Honey Ginger, they were looking to create a syrup that had a citrus and ginger hit without being overly sweet. To do this they use delicious raw New Zealand wildflower honey from J.Friend & Co, freshly squeezed lemons and pacific organic ginger from Fiji to make a premium Lemon Honey Ginger syrup perfect for all year round drinking.

It makes a soothing hot drink to ward off winter chills and a crisp, dry soda with a ginger kick for days when you need a little afternoon pick me up.

Mix it with whisky and hot water for an easy hot toddy to take the edge of a winter’s night.


Shipping within New Zealand only.

Six Barrel Soda Co. make wonderful drinks in Wellington, New Zealand.
Friends since the 90s, Joe & Mike have shared years of ridiculous business plans. After some dodgy batches and accidental fermentation, they perfected their syrups for cocktails and sodas in their Wellington dive bar and in 2012 started Six Barrel Soda Co. with a lofty mission to shake up a flat soft drink market with experimental flavours and a new level of quality.