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Six Barrel Soda Co. Syrup - Strawberry & Cream

Six Barrel Soda Co. Syrup - Strawberry & Cream

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Each season Six Barrel Soda Co. release a Limited Edition soda syrup, to make the most of what’s plentiful. Summer brings us strawberries, so welcome back Strawberry & Cream.

This is so tasty. It tastes like a less-sweet version of the lollies and is made from lots of real strawberries, Heilala vanilla and fresh lemon juice. Each bottle makes around 15 drinks.


Shipping within NZ only.

Six Barrel Soda Co. make wonderful drinks in Wellington, New Zealand.
Friends since the 90s, Joe & Mike have shared years of ridiculous business plans. After some dodgy batches and accidental fermentation, they perfected their syrups for cocktails and sodas in their Wellington dive bar and in 2012 started Six Barrel Soda Co. with a lofty mission to shake up a flat soft drink market with experimental flavours and a new level of quality.