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Soopsori Wooden Bear

Soopsori Wooden Bear

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p>With its adorable and durable design, this exquisite wooden bear will no doubt be a high quality and intriguing part of your child�۪s play for generations. The bear is crafted with different types of solid high-quality wood in their distinctive natural colours. Each part, from the feet up to the ears, features all rounded corners and a smooth surface. No sharp or unrefined edges, guaranteed.

With flexible joints, this wooden bear can also easily move its head, arms, and legs. Combining this with a carefully balanced design, the bear, whether it be sitting or standing, can fully support itself in many positions.

He stands 17.3cm tall.

Soopsori (pronounced as "soop-so-ree) in Korean, which means 'The Sounds of the Forest' is a South Korean company creating eco-friendly wooden toys made from high-quality natural woods. Every piece of Soopsori wooden toy block is air-dried, steamed, disinfected and polished with organic linseed oil from Germany. There are 12-refined-step of handcrafting procedure before the wood is turned into a toy.