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Squireme Bottle Y1 Collection - Surf Blue

Squireme Bottle Y1 Collection - Surf Blue - Tea Pea Home

Squireme Bottle Y1 Collection - Surf Blue

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Say hello to Squireme. Many gorgeous colours, one bold vision. It's the perfect sidekick for your eco-friendly, hyper-hydrated, on-the-go lifestyle. Sip by sip, as you hike through the mountains or groove through the city, Squireme is at your side all day long.

The Y1 collection features the same durable borosilicate glass and silicone sleeve, but with a flat top, one-twist cap with a leather strap for easy carry.

600ml capacity

600ml capacity
280g weight (empty)
20cm high x 72cm wide
Handmade from super light incredible strong, lab-quality Borosilicate glass
Sleeved in sift easy to grip silicone
BPA free, Phthalate-free
Odourless, corrosion and mildew resistant
Wide mouth for easy drinking, easy refilling and easy cleaning
Multi-use and environmentally friendly
Also suitable for hot beverages

Cleaning & Storage
Clean with warm soapy water, no need to remove the sleeve
Dishwasher safe
Cap off storage recommended

Not microwaveable
Not suitable for carbonated drinks
Not shatterproof
Not intended for children

Squireme is a Swiss company designing and handmaking the Squireme bottle. They're thirsty for life, and here to keep you hydrated with the ultimate, on-the-go, down-for-anything, anti-plastic bottle.