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Storm & India Artisan Organic Tea - Love Tea

Storm & India Artisan Organic Tea - Love Tea

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Fall in love with this delicate mix of white and green tea. A beautiful blend with the kiss of spice, a touch of raspberry and ginger, and the aroma of jasmine blossoms.

Organic Green Tea*, Ginger Bits*, Natural Flavour, White Tea Pai Mu Tan*, Cloves*, Cardamom*, Black Pepper* and Raspberries*.
*Certified Organic


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Storm & India's tea starts with their Mum, Dooley Crighton. In 2004 Dooley started growing and blending herbal teas. Dooley sampled teas across the world and discovered blends she’d never tasted before. She dreamed of creating bespoke teas from small organic tea plantations. She started this dream and named the tea after her daughters – Storm & India. From their Mum’s notebooks and recipes, they've created their own blends of bespoke teas. They use premium, organic teas from around the world. These are handpicked, handcrafted and deliciously artisanal. Storm & India's teas bring peace, calm and joy into life. They rejuvenate the body and mind, and promote good health and wellbeing. We like to think they’re a daily ritual, brewed for the soul.