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Storm & India Artisan Organic Tea - Vintage Earl Grey

Storm & India Artisan Organic Tea - Vintage Earl Grey

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This aromatic tea inspires the senses through its floral bouquet of bergamot oil that leaves a lingering citrus impression and a delicious smoky undertone.

Storm & India teas are delicious, uplifting and nourishing blends made with the finest organic ingredients from around the world. Handpicked and handcrafted, Storm and India teas promote good health, rejuvenate the body and awaken the senses.

Their Organic Black Teas are full bodied and bold in flavour. Black tea is the most oxidised of all teas and the highest in caffeine. The oxidation and fermentation process the leaves undergo creates the distinct copper colour infusion and rich taste. These power teas can be enjoyed to your own personal preference: with a squeeze of lemon, touch of honey or splash of milk.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Black Tea* and Natural Flavour.

*Certified Organic


Storm & India's tea starts with their Mum, Dooley Crighton. In 2004 Dooley, the co-founder of a pioneering organic baby food company, and started growing and blending herbal teas. Dooley sampled teas across the world and discovered blends she’d never tasted before. She dreamed of creating bespoke teas from small organic tea plantations. She started this dream and named the tea after her daughters – Storm & India.

Growing up, the 2 sisters had herbal tea for breakfast, fresh fruit tea in summer and home brewed chai soy lattes in winter. It’s no wonder tea has become a daily ritual for them now. A ritual that heals, uplifts and nourishes. Storm & India grew up on a 300-acre organic farm in Tasmania. They spent their days in the gardens and orchard, riding their horses or in the kitchen cooking with mum. They developed a passion for holistic living, the delights of home grown and cooked and organic farming.

From their Mum’s notebooks and recipes, they've created their own blends of bespoke teas. They use premium, organic teas from around the world. These are handpicked, handcrafted and deliciously artisanal.

Storm & India's teas bring peace, calm and joy into life. They rejuvenate the body and mind, and promote good health and wellbeing. We like to think they’re a daily ritual, brewed for the soul.