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Suck UK Message Pads - Lucky Cat

Suck UK Message Pads - Lucky Cat

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Fold-up cat-shaped memos.

Folds and stands up so that your messages can’t be ignored. 5 different designs per pack (each with different expressions).

“Maneki-neko” (beckoning cat) is a talisman of good fortune.

Fold and poke the tongue through the mouth to hold closed.

Leave notes for friends, family and workmates in the form of characterful lucky cats. Each pack contains 100 foldable memo notes with 5 different expressions, from happy and sad to shocked and mischievous.

They are 65 x 163 x 12mm.

Suck UK are an English design & development company based in London that creates giftable objects. Every product is designed in-house and manufactured with care - it's been that way since 1999. They only make objects trhey would buy and gifts that they would give.