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Tatine Chicago Tisane Candle - Laurel Canyon

Tatine Chicago Tisane Candle - Laurel Canyon

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An infusion of essential and perfume oils. Or, in this case, a fragrant harmonizing of rock ‘n’ roll, London travels, and British design in a hand-wrapped votive candle.

A lyrical interpretation of memories, moments, music and emotions. Each abstract essence represents a different cherished rock song. We are stardust – we are golden. Fragrant eucalyptus trees after a spring rain in Laurel Canyon. Alluring aromas of cannabis, wildflowers, apricots and suede.

2 oz. handcrafted, hand-wrapped soy wax candle in recycled glassware
Approx 16 hour burn time.
All cotton wicking
Pure soy/vegetable wax blend.

Tatine is a small candle company in Chicago that has been crafting soy wax candles since 2001. Founder Margo Breznik started making candles as a hobby but this craft of hand blending the purest perfume oils captured her imagination and turned her head from a career in the music industry with renowned Chicago record label Wax Trax to begin a new venture in candle making. In 2001 she set up Tatine named after her late Grandmother and began the journey that has enabled her to create beautiful products based around storytelling, memories, music and scent.