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Tea Pea Home $25 Online Gift Voucher

Tea Pea Home $25 Online Gift Voucher - Tea Pea Home

Tea Pea Home $25 Online Gift Voucher

Or make 6 interest-free payments of $4.17 NZD weekly with Laybuy

Our Tea Pea Home Online Gift Vouchers are the perfect pick me up to send to your loved one or to treat yourself. From the comfort of your home, buy one as a Mother's or Father's Day present, birthday gift or just a little something for someone special.

Online Gift Vouchers will be sent to your email address within one working day. If the voucher is a gift, simply forward it on to the lucky recipient and they can pick out something they love. Each voucher contains a unique code to be entered at our online checkout and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Our collection of Tea Pea goods brings together what’s important to us as a family and as curators. This range of furniture and home decor sits well in a busy young home as it does in a grown-up home or beach house.