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The Caker Cookie Mix - Dutch Spice Dark Chocolate

The Caker Cookie Mix - Dutch Spice Dark Chocolate

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This mix makes a rich, decadent batch of cookies, which are generously spiced with The Caker's complex Dutch speculaas blend and dotted with incredible 70% Belgian dark chocolate pieces.

Just add butter.

Inside you'll find:

Dutch Spice Cookie Mix - Speculaas spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, star anise, coriander, mace, white pepper) blended with ancient grain spelt flour, soft brown sugar and a pinch of salt.
Dark Chocolate Pieces - Belgian 70% dark couverture chocolate pieces.

What you'll need:
180g Butter
Baking Tray + Baking Paper

Makes about 14 cookies.

Jordan Rondel, a New Zealander living in Auckland has baking in her blood. Her great-grandfather was a pastry chef who ran a beautiful little patisserie in Paris. He was an artisan who, even during wartime, insisted on finding a way to serve his customers with something exceptional. He passed his secrets on to her grandparents, and from them to Jordan.

As a young girl, she would visit her grandparents in Paris and on special mornings, they would walk together to the local markets. She saw the watchful care with which ingredients were selected. Her grandparents took no shortcuts and were uncompromising when it came to what they ate. No meal during the more than 50 years of their marriage, was complete without a sweet treat. They taught her well.

It is in Paris in these early years that she first experienced the elation that comes from creative cooking. As her grandmother’s helper, she became part of transforming a selection of various ingredients into a satisfying and (to her young mind) quite miraculous whole. She still finds this process to be magical.

During the final stages of her University degree in marketing, she began to seriously bake in earnest. Several high-profile figures were interested in what she was doing, and particularly in the innovative ways in which she was creating treats that were providing for the then budding awareness as to health-orientated treats.

In 2010, upon graduation, she was working part time. Increasingly, the rest of her time was spent baking, and her reputation was beginning to require that she make a life-changing decision. In 2010, she went for it. She officially began ‘The Caker’, selling cakes through her blog. She was 21 years old.