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The Kiss Co the Big Bag of Kisses

The Kiss Co the Big Bag of Kisses

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Look in this bag
and what will you see? 
A gift of love
to you from me.

10 sweet kisses
to hide and to seek
Let's hunt for this treasure
be sure not to peek!

When you find a Kiss
wherever it may be,
Know its wrapped up in love,
to you from me.

Everyone loves a game of Hide and Seek... the fun of discovering creative new hiding places, those gorgeous give-the-game-away giggles, and the delight on your little seeker's face when they finally find you. 

But Hide and Seek is more than just a game - it's scientifically proven to develop your child's working memory, organisation and planning skills, and impulse control. It encourages flexible thinking and gets kids and adults moving and having fun together. 

Use them to invent your own treasure hunt, or plant them in surprising places to brighten a tough day. You can even let the kids take the lead and make up their own game (recommended!). 

We hope you'll enjoy lots of love, togetherness and kisses along the way. 

The linen bag measures 26 x 15cm dia and contains 10 plush 6cm square kisses and instruction card.