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Wellington Apothecary Face Mask - Green Clay

Wellington Apothecary Face Mask - Green Clay - Tea Pea Home

Wellington Apothecary Face Mask - Green Clay

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Mix 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of clay with water or your favourite hydrosol until the mixture forms a paste and apply to your face and/or body for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off and follow with a massage using your favourite massage oil blend.

Green clay is the strongest of their clays and is suitable for congested skin prone to breakouts.

Comes in a 60ml test tube.

The Wellington Apothecary is a botanical factory, herbal dispensary, natural therapy clinic, and alchemists delight. Established in early 2014 by three friends and natural health practitioners Jemma Scott, Chantal Cropp and Laura Jansen. The seed for the Wellington Apothecary was planted in Raglan where they lived together in a ramshackle cottage overlooking Raglan harbour. With their chickens, permaculture garden, house bus and grape vines they lived the epicurean dream cooking, baking and gathering with friends while enjoying the countryside.

With over 20 years of combined experience in herbal medicine, holistic skincare and whole food nutrition, they share an eye for whimsical beauty and take pleasure from the simple things in life. They endeavour to create a tranquil and sensory experience where you are welcome to smell and try each product, see them being made and gather over a hot cup of herbal tea.

Their approach is to keep everything simple and pure. They go against the overwhelming chaos of aggressive marketing and avoid unnecessary bells and whistles at all costs. Their packaging is simple and minimalist in contrast to the botanical alchemy inside each product. They let every product speak for itself and delight in creating new and wonderful concoctions. It is important to them that everything in their collection is made fresh with our own hands with the best ingredients they can source for the quality of each product and for their own satisfaction and enjoyment.