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Interview | Nic Mossman | Real World

Interview | Nic Mossman | Real World

OK, let’s start with a disclaimer. The couple behind Real World, well, I grew up with Adam and have known Nic a long time too. So I know how these two roll – when they do something, they do it well.

As an example, a few years ago they built a house. Delivered on time and within budget, they achieved a stunning, beautifully laid out and uncomplicated home that’s a pleasure to visit and I can see a joy to live in.

When they started talking about natural skincare, I knew I should listen.

Here’s Nic’s journey with Real World thus far, in her own words.

Nic, tell us a little about what you did before starting Real World.
After completing a degree in Commerce majoring in Marketing I worked as a sales analyst at the German company Bosch in Auckland. Next, I established a finance company and an online skincare, cosmetic and fragrance company.

And what about family life at the Mossman house?
Adam and I live in Havelock North and have four children, Hugo, George, Freddie and Molly.  And there’s Buddy, our dog.

Each night we eat an early meal together as a family then I have my evening ritual of heading off for a relaxing bubble bath. I have a bath both summer and winter, it gives me a chance to unwind and relax with no distractions.

Real World was established two years ago. What led you to start a natural hand and body care business?
With a busy household, more often than not my hands are submerged in hot soapy water doing dishes or wiping down dirty bench tops. My hands used to get so dry and damaged. I found that I wasn’t alone, many of my friends experienced similar issues with their hands.

Aware of what goes onto our skin is actually absorbed into our bloodstream, I was also conscious of the kid’s skin too. When they were young, one was given a Superman bubble bath from the pharmacy. Bright blue, it smelt disgusting and I couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients.

I suddenly had a desire to create home and body care products that were all plant based with minimal ingredients, essential oils and feel safe about having our children and ourselves use them.

Tell us about the products and their ingredients.
All our ingredients are plant-based and derived from nature. They are free from sulphates, silicons, parabens, toxins, petrochemicals, artificial dyes and colours.

Generally, most of our products have less than twenty ingredients, some even less than 10.

Initially, our range included hand care products such as our hand creams, washes and dishwashing liquid. We’ve extended this to include body wash, bath foam and salts, lip repair, repair balm and shaving foam for women as well as shampoo and conditioner.

We’ve also recently launched a bench spray and pet shampoo. 

Our products are made in small batches by hand in Hastings, New Zealand.

Let’s talk about a few of your favourite products.
Obviously our bath salts are top of the list for me. Made of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt), not only do they draw out toxins but also ease stress, improve sleep, concentration and help muscles and nerves function properly. I add bath salts to my bath every night. It helps me unwind after a busy day on my feet.

Our Repair Balm is popular. I use it all the time on myself if I have dry skin or face break outs. I also use it a lot on the kids. Perfect for when one of them hurts themselves. The Manuka honey has amazing healing benefits and along with the Kawakawa known for its anti-inflammatory properties it’s a winner in the medicine cabinet.

What’s in the works at Real World? What can we look forward to?
Foot creams are about to be launched!

We’re on the verge of releasing our skincare range. We’ve been working on this since starting RW and really excited about it. As always, it’s all natural ingredients, active ingredients and based around seeds, providing really good healing and repair qualities to your skin. We have four different ranges for skin types with four products within each range.

We are also working on releasing a very different and special candle. I can’t say too much about it at this stage but watch this space.

It’s a privilege to work with Nic and Real World. The brand is a perfect fit with Tea Pea’s values, it’s ethical, created with passion, quality and care and looks great.

And while we’re sharing favourite products, mine’s their new bench spray, hands down. Cleans surfaces, smells great. It’s a product that’s a pleasure to use, knowing it’s safe and it actually works and works well. It’s been a lifesaver, what with two new puppies in the house lately.