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Saben is a leading luxury accessories brand, designed in New Zealand, known for its highly covetable collection of handbags, accessories and luggage. Founded in 2002 by Roanne Jacobson, the Saben brand is named after Roanne's grandmother, Sarah Saben. Designed by women, for women, Roanne has a deep understanding of the value of a handbag's function, ultimately holding the chaos and order of a customer's life in one centralised and stylish place. Every element and detail in Saben's designs is deliberate and created with intent. Beautifully textured leathers coupled with intuitively functional design make for pieces that are quintessential to easing the demands of every woman's lifestyle. Saben's design philosophy is fewer, more beautiful pieces. Each season their designer Roanne Jacobson approaches a new collection with caution and intent. Each Saben piece has been designed with you in mind and is intuitively functional. With intention, quality, and longevity at the forefront, each piece is designed to become a treasure in a woman's wardrobe for many years to come. Their core range is a permanent collection of modern, versatile pieces that consistently exemplify their design philosophy. Saben brings pure design and conscious creativity together in a modernist outlook informed by travel, innovation and heritage.

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