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About Us

Scott and Meg McMillan are the couple behind indy homewares store and lifestyle brand Tea Pea. Started nine years ago in their home studio, Tea Pea has grown steadily, now two retail stores and a thriving online presence. Its founding values remain firmly planted, that of inspiration, creativity and generosity of knowledge.

Scott and Meg are committed to bringing together independent brands and designers from New Zealand and around the World, curating the unique look and feel Tea Pea is known for. New brands are invited, and most existing designers have become personal friends of Scott and Meg, with their long history in the industry.

Their design leading stores evoke happiness and joy achieved by a winning mix of sort-after brands, tactile goods, of colour and quality.
Whether you are shopping in store or online, expect friendly and knowledgeable staff to help and to inspire. There’s a story behind every brand and every good in store that the team at Tea Pea love to share with you.

Scott and Meg live in a 1950’s house in the leafy Wellington suburb of Khandallah with their three lively children - Griffin, Coco and Rosie - and two less lively elderly Tibetan Spaniels, Clicquot and Otto. Scott also has a day job in the world of advertising. Each day is a jam-packed mix of the latest round velvet cushions, Icelandic sheepskins and rattan daybeds, football, princesses, and uneaten lunches at the bottom of school bags. A splendid life of lush and chaos.  

Tea Pea Home Meg

Our Home

When I shop for interiors, I like to know a little about the background and home of the store and its owners.

Are you the same?
Well, come on in. Welcome.
This is our third family home. The first, straight off the front of a chocolate box looking 1910 bungalow, was on the market three months after Griffin arrived. Buggy in the hallway, toys all through the small living room - we exploded out of it!

After spending weekends renovating the bungalow, we needed a new home we could move into and reclaim our weekends especially now we had a baby to play with. Brand new, twice the size and with views over all of Wellington we sat back and enjoyed.

But it wasn't long until we were looking around for another project. 

It took a year to find it. My brief, a 1950's house in original state on a large section in one of six chosen streets in Khandallah, was not an easy one to fulfil. But with the help of enthusiastic real estate agents, we found it. And it was perfect.

We've been in our home a few years now. Originally designed and built by architect George Porter in 1955 for his own family, we were its first buyers, 58 years later. Frances, his wife, is one of these amazing 80 going on 30 types. An author, she still writes and has the most delightful outlook on life. We quickly realised we were buying more than a house. This home was witness to almost six decades of one family. For months after moving in, I felt the lingering presence of the Porter's and their three children. 
Now, the house feels like ours. 
Although structurally we haven't changed a thing, it now has a very different feel and look.
We painted, and painted, and painted. Well, we is not quite true. Scott. Scott painted, and painted, and painted. He painted every ceiling, and every wall, and every floorboard.

Then it was my turn. I filled it with colour. I filled it with my mid century finds, and my vintage treasures.

Then the kids turn. They fill it with paper and pens, with Lego and laughing, with dress ups and dancing. And noise. 
And chaos.

90% of the furniture and interiors in our house is second hand, vintage, hand me downs or made by us or our friends.
Some of it is worth big money, some of it we probably couldn't give away. But it is all valuable to us. 

I am going to continue to add pictures. For me, as much for you, it will be great to see the house evolve.
But in the meantime here's a few glimpses of our renovations to date. It's a tart up. We have plans, big plans, hopefully carried out in ten years or so but we are happy and loving what we have for now.

Welcome, come in. Coffee?
Tea Pea Home Stairs
Tea Pea Home Lounge
Tea Pea Home Lounge Wall
Tea Pea Home Clicquot
Tea Pea Home Rosie