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Beiged was founded in December 2018 by Shelley Down. The vision was to create neutral, comfortable and simplistic pieces to aid women in their everyday lives. She wanted to make getting dressed in the morning easier, with a cohesive and timeless feel that has been woven through all her collections. Steering clear of trends she designs with Form and Function at the forefront of every design, with a predominant feeling that "Less is always more". Influenced by her coastal lifestyle Shelley favours quality over quantity and is drawn to effortless, feminine and thoughtful design. Having a close relationship with all of her manufacturers, Shelley frequently visits her makers in Indonesia, ensuring ethical working conditions and best environmental practices are adhered to. These relationships are cherished as all of our pieces are made by hand. This practice keeps valuable craftsmanship alive in often impoverished communities. There is something truely special about a hand-crafted item by a skilled artisan. Furthermore, Beiged is dedicated to reducing their company's carbon footprint by using predominantly natural fibres and biodegradable packaging, while continually reviewing how we can tread more lightly as a company.

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