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Chia Sisters

Chia Sister's story started back in 2012. Chloe was a Neuroscientist living in Nelson, tinkering around in the garage with health and wellbeing drinks. Her very first customers were her dad Ben, a world champion swimmer, and her sister Florence, a New Zealand triathlete. They were looking for something to fuel them that was rich in nutrition without the artificial colours and caffeine that usually come in ‘energy drinks’. I set out with an ambitious goal to make them the most nutritious drink in the world. To make her first CHIA prototype she blended hydrated chia seeds with local blackcurrants. A local brewery helped her to bottle her first batch and the results were explosive - literally. There are probably still chia seeds on the roof of that factory and we weren't invited back... But with Florence and her Dad’s support Chloe kept going and after a year of tinkering, tasting and testing, she launched CHIA. Athletes loved it. And so did everyone else. So much so that CHIA won the Health Category at the New Zealand Food Awards. Since then, we have continued to make nutritious new drinks including a range of hemp protein smoothies, pressed local fruit juices, sparkling coconut waters, crushed fruit smoothies, and immunity hot tonic.

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