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Coco Beau

Coco Beau is a New Zealand skincare company making specialist cocoa body scrubs. 
Cocoa is a natural superstar for so much more than just eating. It contains polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamin E (tocopherols) and of course that soothing, silky cocoa butter for oh-so-deep hydration. Their unique natural processes harness all of this goodness and create formulations that are designed specifically to benefit all skin types and give you the stress-free skin you deserve. Keeping things natural has other perks too. The coffee they use in their mocha scrub is Organic & FairTrade and their cocoa is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and they've partnered with Trees That Count who re-grow the natural wildlife right here in New Zealand. With every purchase you're helping to plant native trees and regenerate mother nature.

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