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Drinks Plinks

Introducing Drinks Plinks, where ice becomes extraordinary and every drink becomes a tale. Established in Australia in 2020 by Tania Brocker, Drinks Plinks was sparked by a simple yet groundbreaking notion: why should a fantastic Gin & Tonic be hindered by lacklustre ice cubes? Drinks Plinks is the audacious solution to mundane ice, with its inventive ice cube trays. Their frozen marvels are more than just ice; they embody boldness, meticulously crafted into every daring shape. From striking cubes to nostalgic daisies, each design brings a touch of panache to your glass, taking your drinking experience to a whole new level. Enjoy free urban shipping on orders over $95. Deliveries within New Zealand in 1 to 4 days. Also, available for in-store collection in Wellington. Start shopping online now.

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