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Flora Grow

Flora Grow was established to help make gardening fun and easy for people. Flora has always had a passion for plants, nature and people. From a young age, she spent time with her Mum, an avid gardener and this is where her love for botanical things began. Flora, aptly named by her Mum destined a path to follow plants. With an Agricultural degree from Lincoln University, along with an entrepreneurial mindset, Flora was inspired to develop Flora Grow. It made sense to develop her passion into a business that combined all of her skills and knowledge. She is also a qualified secondary school teacher of agribusiness and agricultural science. Her first product was the Flora Grow Kit, designed and crafted in New Zealand. These kits are made using a range of sustainable and bio-degradable products which include everything needed to start a mini garden. These kits were just the beginning of how Flora Grow planned to make gardening fun and accessible.

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