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The Olsson Family have been making solar sea salt since 1948 and is the oldest family-owned and operated sea salt maker in Australia. To make its sea salt, Olsson uses a method called 'solar evaporation'. Solar salt is produced by the action of sun and wind on seawater in large ponds. The seawater evaporates in successive ponds until the seawater is fully concentrated and the salt then crystallizes on the floor of the pond. It is then scooped up, washed in seawater, dried and packaged. That's it. There are no chemical processes involved in the manufacture of their products, which is why we guarantee it is perfectly natural. Solar salt plants must be located In areas of low rainfall and high evaporation rates and Olsson's have the unique advantage of having as its only ingredient seawater from two of the world's most pristine oceans: The Great Barrier Reef (Port Alma, QLD) and The Great Australian Bight (Whyalla, SA). Pristine Australian water, sun and wind work in harmony to create the gorgeous Australian sea salt taste we all love.

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