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Opito Bay Salt Co

Opito Bay Salt Co grow and harvest genuine 100% natural solar evaporated Coromandel Sea Salt. Each luscious crystal of Opito Bay sea salt has been carefully crafted through the combination of three key ingredients - sunshine, patience and love. After gathering pure seawater from one of Coromandel’s iconic beaches, the pristine Opito Bay, they settle, filter and carefully solar evaporate their salt in small batches to create big, translucent crystals that bring out the coast’s unique minerality. Then they lovingly harvest each grain and package in environmentally sustainable packaging to retain its quality. The result is an authentic and delicious premium finishing salt with a satisfying soft crunch that melts on your tongue delivering a well-balanced salty-minerally kick. Opito Bay loves to pair their special sea salt with local ingredients that complement its delicious character.

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