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Ashley & Co Soothe & Zap Hydra-Cream Sanitiser - Tui & Kahili

Ashley & Co Soothe & Zap Hydra-Cream Sanitiser - Tui & Kahili

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Intensive hydration and rinse-free hand cleanse with Seaweed Extract and Harakeke. 

Hydrate, zap and inhibit. After many moons, we’ve finally perfected a product that manages to do the impossible: defend against germs and hydrate skin! It goes on creamy to form a barrier of defence against unwanted germs, protecting for up to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, it restores your skins’ natural balance. There’s nothing quite like it.

Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria found on skin.


Made in New Zealand and committed to creating beautiful and functional products for your home. The challenge: discovering the new old. By utilising their unique perspectives about art and design, Ashley & Co re-defines traditional household objects and ideas, giving them a contemporary twist. From the packaging to the ingredients, the products produced are both for ones enjoyment and importantly necessary to the completeness of ones home. By manufacturing locally, from screenprinting bottles, filling to packaging printing, embossing and foiling they reduce their environmental footprint.