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Ashley & Co WashUp Gone Green Hand & Body Wash - Mortar & Pestle

Ashley & Co WashUp Gone Green Hand & Body Wash - Mortar & Pestle

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Eco-wash with organic borage oil and natural extracts for your hands and body. An earthly purifying formulation - WashUp for your hands and body smoothly removes surface and daily impurities without depleting your skins natural moisture, creating the ultimate cleaning experience.

Gone Green Range Fragrance certified 100% natural by Ecocert. PH balanced and soap-free. Without sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, colourings or synthetic fragrances.

Mortar & Pestle - Forget the glass dome and taxidermy of nature - preservation begins with a pestle. Created is a natural and unique rhapsody blend of Organic Borage Oil, Olive Extract And Aloe. Propagate. Pick. Grind.

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Made in New Zealand and committed to creating beautiful and functional products for your home. The challenge: discovering the new old. By utilising their unique perspectives about art and design, Ashley & Co re-defines traditional household objects and ideas, giving them a contemporary twist. From the packaging to the ingredients, the products produced are both for ones enjoyment and importantly necessary to the completeness of ones home. By manufacturing locally, from screenprinting bottles, filling to packaging printing, embossing and foiling they reduce their environmental footprint.