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Kamoi Kakoshi Japan MT Washi Tape - Mini Flower Garden

Kamoi Kakoshi Japan MT Washi Tape  - Mini Flower Garden - Tea Pea Home

Kamoi Kakoshi Japan MT Washi Tape - Mini Flower Garden

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These unique rolls of masking tape are available in a range of original patterns and prints. Washi paper tape can be used for gift wrapping, book-marking, sealing envelopes, art and craft or attaching bills to the fridge. The wider rolls can be used to decorate walls and create temporary themes for parties. Once you start, you'll find it hard to stop.

Achieving a cult status around the world among artists, students, bloggers and teachers, the Japanese brand masking tape has propelled the humble beige stationery item into a unique and innovative craft and design object.

15mm wide x 7m long.

Made in Japan.

Since long ago, paper masking tape has been used industrially in all kinds of ways. Kamoi Kakoshi in Japan has been making specialty paper adhesives for almost 100 years. In 2006, they received an email from 3 women in Tokyo who were using their industrial tapes in beautiful craft projects. Amazed by this surprising and wonderful usage, Kamoi Kakoshi invited the women to visit their factory. This visit inspired the development of an entirely new and original category of tape: MT brand washi tape, colourful tape which is easy to tear by hand and reposition on nearly any surface.