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Kreafunk Denmark wiTRAY Wireless Charge Station - Black

Kreafunk Denmark wiTRAY Wireless Charge Station - Black

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Most of our products cover more than one need. The same goes for wiTRAY. Not only will you get a chic storage solution for smaller items,  you will also get a wireless charger with two charging pads.

With two wireless charging pads supporting Qi-compatible devices, you're able to charge whichever device you like, as longs as it supports Qi charging. 

Place wiTRAY on your bedside table and wake up with a 100% charged phone, speaker or tablet.  

Supports wireless Qi charging on charging pads
5W + 10W charging areas
USB-C connection

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Kreafunk is a Danish lifestyle brand with a simple philosophy: Life shouldn’t be an eternal strive for perfection. We celebrate and embrace the diversity of an ordinary everyday life where it’s the small things that make it extraordinary. You don’t have to climb mountains to achieve the good life. You don’t need a design-stuffed home to impress. You don’t have to be picture-perfect to be cool. Forget perfection. Kreafunk is for real people, living real lives. For those who really know how to tune in on the good life. They encourage everyone to get the best out of life. Anytime. Anywhere. They actually like to put it this way: Don’t live to retire. Dance while the music is playing.