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Pashom Nepal Felt Playset - Pirates Ahoy

Pashom Nepal Felt Playset - Pirates Ahoy - Tea Pea Home

Pashom Nepal Felt Playset - Pirates Ahoy

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Handmade felt Pirate playset. Comes with the Pirate ship holder, Pirate captain, pirate mate, parrot, palm tree and treasure.

The Pirate ship holder is 28cm wide and the Pirates and other pieces are between 12 and 23cm high.

Pashom is a fair trade business based in Sydney, Australia and is owned by Fiona Chadwick. It was established in 2002 whilst Fiona was living and working as a volunteer teacher in Pokhara, Nepal. Apart from forming a close affinity with the country and its people, she was captivated by the beauty and quality of the products made by local cottage industries - especially the fair trade and ethical/sustainable businesses run by some very industrious and inspiring Nepalese women.