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Thirsty Dog Drink Bottle - Black

Thirsty Dog Drink Bottle - Black

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A drink bottle for dogs reimagined.

Investing in a reusable Thirsty Dog Bottle is the smartest choice for your pets health and active lifestyle.  It’s great if you are at the beach, out at the local park and cafe. Thirsty dog bottle is also great if you're doing a road trip. As water is now never far away. There is no chance of your dog getting sick by drinking out of stagnating puddles, algae rich streams or shared doggy bowls. As you fill it with clean, fresh water.

The unique cup design has been engineered to accommodate multiple tongue sizes. Bichon or St Bernard? This bottle can hydrate them all. 

Your peace of mind for on the go. This allows you to travel hands-free. So you can keep your bottle unattended in a handbag or the back seat. Due to the unique locking device making it totally leak proof.

Recycling flow
Fully leak proof
BPA-free plastic
Dishwasher safe
Works with any dog