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Wooden Grandad Dryer

Wooden Grandad Dryer

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The Grandad Dryer is the classic drying rack from our childhood. It has 15m of hanging space, so you can fit plenty of clothes. And also like drying racks of old, a simple sheet or blanket over the to and it's it becomes a secret hut.

It stands 1.125m high x 1.32m wide and is made from untreated pine, so is for indoor use only.

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Care instructions
If you want to get longevity out of your dryer, we recommend a few things: Allow the dryer to dry out between each load of washing. As it is made from untreated New Zealand pine, leaving the timber consistently wet or damp can cause mould to form, so let it have a moment to dry out and get some sun.

Do not keep your dryer out in the elements. It is fine to have your dryer outside, but make sure you bring it in and not leave it outside if it rains or overnight. The moisture gets into the timber, which can make it brittle and sliver off.

If you do find that there are black spots or mould forming, apply some white vinegar bit of warm water and give it a scrub and leave to dry in the sun or a warm dry spot. Alternatively, baking soda works as well. Note: This will not get rid of the dark mould spots, but will kill the spores and does not affect the use of the dryer.


 Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach etc, this can soak into the timber and then transfer onto your clothes.